Used PC’s

At 19 Computing we have a large amount of Used PC’s always in stock.
These are either ex-corporate machines or PC’s where customers have traded in for an upgrade.
Before sale they are fully data wiped and tested, as well as a clean operating system loaded according to the machines license. Most are licensed for Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Our range of machines are available in small form factor units or tower units. We also stock all in one machines (PC is built into the monitor).

Whilst we would love to list on the site individual models our stock is constantly changing so we would recommend visiting our store in Portsmouth or calling us to find out what is currently available.

Prices on our used PC’s start from just £50 and we have a wide range of brands and specifications to choose from. Whether it is an older xp based machine you are after (and we do get asked for this still quite regularly) or a more modern windows 7 or Windows 10 PC we will have something to suit you.

Require a monitor or other accessories?

We have TFT screens available from just £15 for a 17” and 19” start from £20. We also often have used 22” screens in stock too.

Our systems are supplied with a keyboard and a mouse and a power lead already so everything is there to get you started.

Would you like your system delivered and setup in your own home?

We also offer this service too. Delivery is £5 in the PO postcode or if you would like it completely setup which includes connecting to the internet, setting up an existing printer and data transfer/installation of existing software we can do this too – cost is £15 callout fee and £40 per hour onsite (generally this is just 1 hour).

How long is the Warranty?

All of our used PC’s are supplied with a minimum of 6 months warranty. If you opted to have it installed at your home then in the unlikely event of an issue the warranty includes us visiting you to collect/re-deliver the PC once repaired.

Can I trade my old PC in?

Yes, we can sometimes offer this. It will depend on the age of your existing PC.