Used Laptops

Here at 19 Computing we always have a vast selection of Used Laptops for sale starting from just £90.
Each laptop is securely data wiped prior to sale, and then fully tested and a full clean including an internal clean of the machine is carried out.
We warranty our used laptops for a period of at least 3 months but many are supplied with a 6 month warranty.

We always have in stock a large amount of ex-corporate laptops, these are the business style robust laptops made by companies such as Dell, Lenovo and HP, and occasionally Apple. As well as this we also stock a range of retail style laptops such as Acer, Asus and HP’s retail range.

Ex-corporate or Retail? Whats best?

It depends on your requirements. Ex-corporate units aka business models tend to be better built and at the time were considerably more expensive (£800 when new is the average price). If you want a laptop for business use then these are ideal, but having said that if you perhaps want a laptop for home use that will stand the test of time then again an ideal option.

Perhaps the only downside to the business/ex-corporate models is that they tend not to be so appealing on the eyes! Retail models tend to be colourful and can sometimes be more light weight so if this is important to you then one our retail models will be a better option.

What Used Laptops Are Available?

Whilst we would love to have a full inventory of used laptops on the site, it just unfortunately is not possible as they tend to be all unique specs/models and the turnover of stock is very high. We therefore would recommend calling us or popping down to see what we have.

We always have in stock though a wide selection from Intel Celeron and Core2Duo Models to Intel Pentium Dual Core, Intel Core i3 and i5. Occasionally we even have Intel Core i7 laptops in stock.
We stock the following brands –