Ex Display Laptops

19 Computing stock a wide range of Ex-Display laptops. These laptops are all boxed (although sometimes re-packaged in different packing from the original box). They have had no use other than having been on display for a period of generally less than 30 days. This means you can grab a bargain laptop by generally saving a good £50-£80 off the price if it had not been on display.

Are they in immaculate condition?

Generally yes as when they have been on display they are normally being a glass cabinet. Sometimes they may have the odd small scratch on them. If this is the case they are priced even lower to account for this.

What Warranty period do I get?

A full 12 months. The laptop is as close you can get to a brand new one, other than it’s been out of it’s box, so it really does make sense to save a bit of money here against one that hasn’t.

What models/brands and specs do you have?

Unfortunately the stock turn over is far too quick to have them all listed on the site but as a general guide we always have Hewlett Packard and Acer in stock. Occasionally we also have Toshiba and Asus models too. Specs range from AMD A8 and Intel Celeron right up to AMD Quad Core and Intel Core i5 models with 8gb ram/2tb hard disk drive or SSD. Prices start from £179. We would recommend visiting us at our store in Portsmouth or calling us on 02392 733174 first to find out availability